CMS-25 TSCM Electronic Countermeasures Kit

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The CMS-25 is an advanced, yet easy to use, TSCM countermeasures kit.

The CMS-25 TSCM countermeasures set allows anyone to perform professional countermeasures inspections, for personal security or as a business offering detection services to others. This kit is world-renown for it's versatility, advanced features and quality all at an amazingly low cost.

Advanced Transmitter Detector

Features both Geiger-counter readings and audio readings through headphones. The sensitivity adjustment switch and verification mode lets the user know instantly if he is picking up an actual bug or just a harmless radio signal.

The CMS-25 Electronic Countermeasures Kit unit sweeps frequencies up to 600 kHz in two separate ranges, while three additional probes (included) give the user the ability to provide extra measures of privacy protection:

Infrared Probe

Detects light beams including lasers, which have become an increasingly popular way to transmit audio.

Line Driver Probe

Gives you the ability to check any wire you find during a countermeasures sweep to see if it is a wired hidden microphone.

Carrier Current & Video Camera Probe

Detects for carrier current eavesdropping on all electrical wires and outlets and also detects the presence of hidden video cameras.

Advanced Wiretap Detector

Allows the user to conduct testing of telephone wires and the telephone itself for wiretaps. A professional carrying case and detailed instruction manual gives you a complete and professional electronics countermeasures kit.

  • TD-62 Transmitter Detector
  • P-01 Wideband RF Probe
  • P-02 Infrared Probe
  • P-03 Line Driver Probe
  • P-04 Microwave RF Probe
  • TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector
  • Earbuds
  • All cords, adapters and carrying case

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