CheckMate Semen Detection Kit

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  • Detect & ID semen stains
  • Results in 5 minutes or less
  • Use with undergarments, bedding, any surface
  • Will not stain or damage material
  • 100% guaranteed effective
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The CheckMate Semen Detection Kit finds evidence of sexual activity for safety and security.

Checkmate detects traces of semen on clothing, bedding and other fabrics and surfaces.

Utilizing similar technology used in rape and homicide investigations, CheckMate uncovers the traces of fluids that can almost always be found on surfaces after sexual intercourse. And while CheckMate's technology was first invented for private investigators, law enforcement agencies and DNA labs, this product was designed for use by anyone. 

Each CheckMate test kit can test 5 to 10 items without staining or damaging the article in any way. CheckMate will also detect semen from men who have had a vasectomy, and bodily fluids such as female secretions and or blood will not interfere with the test.

CheckMate includes easy-to-follow instructions and a manufacturer's money back guarantee.

Extra Information

Semen stains
Easy to use
Compatible with:
all fabrics and surfaces
Non-staining, non-damaging

5 Reviews

  • Posted by Dennis Klein on Dec 12th 2019


    Checkmate Semen Detection Kit

    I have had the opportunity to use your product on three different occasions. Not withstanding the obvious reason for the product, it serves as an additional tool for the investigator on behalf of the client to determine if sexual intercourse actually occurred.

    After being in the business for 20 years it is my personal opinion that most clients involved in these type of investigations are looking for positive proof before they make a decision about someone they are involved with. Surveillance Photos, written reports and audio transcripts all are helpful investigative tools. The ability to determine the presence of semen on garments is another element in the investigative process for the client to use in the decision making process of civil action.

  • Posted by Adrian S on Feb 1st 2019


    Is my spouse cheating on me?

    This is the question that goes over and over inside my head. Thanks to CheckMate, I did catch her before making a fool of myself any longer. What she did almost destroyed me and left me with nothing. I'm thankful that I have recovered and proved myself better than my cheating spouse.

  • Posted by TJ on Feb 1st 2019


    Case closed!!!!!

    Checkmate is the real deal. I had some clothing tested at a certified DNA Lab that is ISO certified and have all the legal certifications a lab has to have. The same clothing I tested with Checkmate, the Lab found to be positive for sperm and semen. They even sent me micro pics of the little devils. All this was after I had the items checked with Checkmate. This product is the real deal, case closed!!!!!!

  • Posted by N/A on Apr 12th 2018


    It works

    So, this definitely works, and further cemented my suspicions, but the Insite kit has a lot more test strips for just a few dollars more. I guess Checkmate is good for short-term, and InSite for long-term?

  • Posted by none given on Mar 16th 2018


    Caught a cheating spouse, just like the ad said

    Sometimes life gives you lemons, and this time, life gave me a quick divorce with indisputable evidence. On to greener pastures.