Voice Activated Recorder - 576 Hour

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  • Our smallest pro voice recorder
  • Silent & ultra discreet
  • Automatic, voice-activated recording
  • Records up to 576 hours, from up to 50 feet
  • Playback & recharge with any computer
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The VR-16 Voice Activated Recorder clearly records up to 576 hours of voice, even from a distance.

Our best-selling child safety security recorder.

  • Our smallest automatic voice recorder
  • Ultra-discreet - no visible buttons, completely silent
  • Long-range microphone for clear voice recordings up to 50 feet away
  • Voice-activation and continuous recording modes
  • 576 hours of voice recording storage
  • 25-day battery life in voice-activated mode
  • Time & date stamp for legal admissibility 
  • Listen & recharge with any Mac or Windows computer

The VR-16 looks and operates just like an ordinary USB flash drive, but conceals an ultra-sensitive microphone and powerful voice-amplification technology to clearly capture conversations up to 50 feet away. The VR-16 starts recording automatically when it hears voices - and records for as long as 25 days per charge. This small-but-mighty voice recorder stores a whopping 576 hours of crystal clear audio, and records automatically - just set it, and forget it.
The VR-16 has just one switch, which is disguised as a functional lanyard loop. To start recording in continuous mode, simply rotate the switch towards the continuous line. For voice activated recording, rotate the switch towards the three small dots.

To hear, save, delete or share your recordings, simply plug the VR-16 into any Mac or Windows computer. Your voice recordings are saved as high-quality MP3 files for universal compatibility. The VR-16 can also record while plugged into a USB port, for unlimited battery life.

The VR-16 also includes date and time stamp capability, making it a top choice for security and investigations of any type.

Voice Recorder Ease of Use

VR-16 Voice Activated Recorder Includes

  • VR-16 576-Hour Professional Voice Activated Recorder
  • User's manual
  • 1 year warranty

VR-16 Optional Accessories 

  • Wall charger
  • Car charger
  • Micro-USB adapter (use with your phone)
  • USB-C adapter (use with your phone or laptop)

USB-C Micro-USB connector diagram

Extra Information

2.50 (in)
0.75 (in)
0.50 (in)
Record time:
576 hours
25 days
Mic range:
50 feet
Date/time stamp:

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty


24 Reviews

  • Posted by Darius Roberts on May 11th 2023


    Best voice activated recorder

    This is the best voice activated recorder I tried, and we tested 5 different ones. The VR-16 was the only recorder that let us hear the voices clearly enough to pursue legal action against the nursing home in which our mother is being neglected

  • Posted by Joe on Jan 7th 2023



    This unit far exceeded my expectations. My only issue is date and time. I don't know how to change it and the instructions art vague

  • Posted by Amy M on Nov 17th 2022


    Caught cheating husband

    I’m so happy I bought this tiny voice recorder. It’s amazing . I was suspecting my husband cheating and I was right . I recorded him for 2 days while I was at work and he was talking to his girlfriend on FaceTime telling her how much he loves her . I went to court and filled for a divorce . I did not set up date and time on it which I should have but it is good enough for me
    Cheater is out of my life
    Thanks pronto

  • Posted by Shane on May 28th 2022


    Flash drive recorder

    Picks up sound way easier than I thought! Good sound quality as well. I hope I never get the info I think I might need with it. But only time will tell! Great device!

  • Posted by Nathalia Silva on Jul 22nd 2021



    This product is a must have. I recorded my now ex-boyfriend cheating at his house with his ex-girlfriend. Got the proof I needed to move on. Thank you proof pronto.....