TD-17 Bug and Transmitter Detector

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The TD-17 lets anyone locate hidden audio bugs and transmitters.

Find hidden RF transmitters (bugs) planted in your home, office, car or attached to your telephone line.

The TD-17 warns you of the presence of a nearby RF transmitter, within the frequency range of 1 MHz to 1,000 MHz by the RF Alert LED. The Range LED and audio tone give an indication of the distance to the bug. The sensitivity control, along with the two LEDs, helps you quickly zero in on hidden bugs.

The TD-17, which weighs 7 oz., is furnished in a high-impact case that measures 5.3" x 3.3" x 1.5". The antenna can be extended 33" and telescopes into the case for convenient storage.

The unit comes complete with battery, antenna and instruction manual.

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