iProtect 1203 Bug Detector with Vibration Alert

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The iProtect 1203 detects radio transmitters and informs you via bar graph indicator or silent vibration.



  • Increased 16-segment bar graph indicator
  • Physical attenuator -20 dB
  • Highly sensitive to real signals without being affected by weak background radio waves
  • No sensitivity loss at battery discharge
  • Increased sensitivity to high-frequency signals
  • One joystick-style control for all functions (attenuator on/off, vibration on/off, power on/off)
  • Low power indication
  • Frequency range 50MHz - 8GHz (new)
  • Vibrating indicator
  • High-quality detection scheme with professional RF isolation
  • Reliable and tested device for different sweeping tasks
  • Detects both analogue and digital transmissions
  • Allows the operator to locate the source
  • Vibration signal alert
  • Durable duralumin case
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Battery resource up to 10 hour


  • Frequency range: 50MHz - 8GHz
  • Attenuator: -20 dB
  • Controls Attenuator on/off, vibration on/off, sound on/off, power on/off


  • 16-segment bar graph
  • Vibration
  • Battery life

Battery life: Up to 10 hours
Dimensions: 125 x 62 x 17 mm

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