TD-62 Pro Bug and Transmitter Detector

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Preferred by professionals, the TD-62 Pro Bug and Transmitter Detector can be used to detect, verify and locate hidden bugs in an office, home or car.

The TD-62 Transmitter Detector is a complex piece of countermeasures test equipment that comes standard with the Wideband RF Probe.

This transmitter detector can be used with the 4 optional probes below to search for and locate virtually every type of transmitting bug in use today. Please choose optional probes before adding to cart:
  • P-01 Wideband RF Probe (up to 2.5 GHZ, +$125)
  • Infrared Probe (Laser Detector. +$125)
  • Line Driver Probe (Detects hard wired microphones, +$125)
  • Microwave RF Probe (2.5 GHZ to 6 GHZ, +$125) Use the TD-62 to perform a professional RF sweep of your premises. Similar in operation to a Geiger counter, the sensitive antenna system can be used to probe all areas of a room. As the antenna approaches the hidden transmitter, the audible tone clicks faster and faster while the signal strength is displayed in a bar graph on the units LCD screen. At this point, switch modes from Detect to Verify to differentiate a bug from a regular radio or TV transmission. If a bugging device is present, a continuous squealing tone is generated by the TD-62. By sweeping the probe, this tone can lead you directly to the bug. The selectable sensitivity level improves detection capabilities of the unit in high signal strength areas. For private (non-alerting) listening, an earphone jack is provided.
  • Unit Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.75" x 1"
  • Battery: 9 volt alkaline battery (included)
  • Coverage range: 5 MHz to 2,500 MHz
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