Laser Microphone Defeater Protection Device

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Our Laser Microphone Defeater helps protect businesses, homes and government agencies against laser microphone surveillance.

The Laser Surveillance Defeater is easy to use, compact and inexpensive. The unique design masks room audio normally susceptible to laser microphones completely inaudible by sending a range of frequencies directly through the glass, effectively stopping the laser mic from being able to modulate the sound of human voice.

This laser mic defeater simply attaches to the window via suction cup, and using an ordinary 9V battery (included) protects you for up to 500 hours. The unit also includes an on/off switch so you can control which conversations are protected and which ones are not. 

Each defeater covers one window or pane of glass, so order one unit for each window in the room you wish to protect. Purchase one unit for each pane of glass in your boardroom or office.

What is Laser Microphone Surveillance?

Laser surveillance (also known as Laser Microphone Surveillance) is an invisible laser beam that is pointed to a window and picks up voices and sound from the room. The receiver at the other end of the laser mic demodulates the voices and sounds, amplifies them and allows the user of the laser mic to listen in on conversations. The newest generation of laser mics can be used from over a mile away.

How to Block Laser Microphones

Connect the included 9V battery to the device paying attention to the polarity. Move the power switch to the on position. The blue light will illuminate and a buzzing sound will be heard. This is the normal operation mode. Take the unit to the window you would like to protect from laser surveillance and attach the device on the inside of the window. The installation is complete.

Turn the device on or off when necessary. The laser detector will run for approximately 500 hours on one 9V battery.

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