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The SemenSpy Semen Detection Kit is used to identify semen stains on clothing, bed sheets, furniture, car upholstery and more.

SemenSpy test kits are designed to detect the presence of semen, and allows a tested sample to show positive even if the male has had a vasectomy.

SemenSpy semen detection kits can test multiple articles/samples at the same time. SemenSpy test fluids do not stain or discolor the articles or samples, and results can only show positive if the presence of semen is found. The PSA process used by SemenSpy is utilized worldwide by law enforcement agencies, forensic labs, and crime scene investigation units.

SemenSpy was developed by a former law enforcement detective and has been featured on NBC, CNN, Fox, Telemundo and more.


  • 2 sealed PSA cartridges, desiccants and pipettes
  • 2 transfer pipettes
  • 2 clear micro tubes
  • 2 sterile swabs
  • 2 aqua-colored micro tubes with solution

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Garden State Investigations (GSI)
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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Teddy on Sep 14th 2018


    Super test Kit!! A+++ Just an Awesome Accurate Test Kit!

    I highly recommend the SemenSPY semen detection kit! It was developed by a former law enforcement detective for one, secondly is super accurate, like a drug or pregnancy test. I used this kit so many times, it never failed me. I had friends buy it, and colleagues and they all thanked me. It is the best testing process out there. The other test are presumptive NOT used by law enforcement or labs. I seen this kit being used all over the world with normal people, law enforcement and labs, when I was trying to get something to help me, what a great invention. When I found it I thought it was too good to be true. I can't say anything bad about it. Except it saved me. I would have never known my wife was cheating it proved it over and over again. Help me big time in my divorce too. I give 5+ STARS! If there was more stars I would give it even more. I even called and spoke to the actual ex cop that made this kit. What a sincere and helpful guy. Thank you SemenSPY!! A+++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Fast shipping too.

  • Posted by N/A on Apr 12th 2018



    chose this one because it was developed by former LEO and I'm LEO. Works well, easy to identify the stains, fast results and really fast shipping.