The Private Investigator's Handbook

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The Private Investigator's Handbook

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Protect Yourself, Get Justice, or Get Even

by Chuck Chambers

Chuck Chambers has seen it all in his 22 years as a P.I., working thousands of cases. His hands-on experience and hard-nosed detective work has made him one of the most sought-after private investigators in the business.

Here, Chambers shares his insider expertise, with true case histories from his files, tricks of the trade, and step-by-step advice to help readers be able to:

  • Catch a cheating spouse
  • Uncover hidden assets, monetary malfeasance, and fraud
  • Tail and track a mark
  • Use the Internet to get information on anything and anyone
  • Protect one's privacy
  • Prepare an intelligence file on anyone-on and off line
  • Find and preserve legal evidence

The Private Investigator's Handbook is as fascinating to read as it is useful for anyone looking to get the undercover legal help they need, and the peace of mind they deserve.

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