Is He Lying? What Men Don't Want You to Know

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Is He Lying? An Ex-CIA Polygraph Examiner Reveals What Men Don't Want You to Know

by Dan Crum

If you think he's lying, he probably is - at least that's according to recent statistics.


Far too many women have been lied to, betrayed, fibbed to, deceived and disappointed by dates, boyfriends, fiances and husbands. Dan Crum is a former Cia polygraph examiner and investigator who grew frustrated hearing women complain about how they'd been duped, again - so he developed a series of strategies for detecting deception that any woman can use.

Is He Lying to You is an in-depth course in the same tactics Crum used as a Cia polygraph examiner and investigator. For the first time, women can quit dating...and start investigating.

You will quickly learn:

  • How to "read" any man's body language
  • How to hear what men are really saying
  • When to pull the plug on a blind date
  • How to re-evaluate a long-term commitment

Why you can't always trust your "gut" reaction. Have you ever been lied to? Have you been wounded by deception? Have you ever wondered, "“Is he lying to me?” Than Is He Lying to You? is the book you need.


"Dan Crum provides a unique and provocative insight into the minds of men and what they don't want you to know."
--Barry L. McManus, CIA Chief Polygraph Examiner and Interrogator (Ret.)

About the Author

Dan Crum, the Dating Detective, has a BS Degree in Marketing from George Mason University. He also has a Certificate of Graduate Study in Forensic Psychophysiological Detection of Deception and has been certified by the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute/The Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment, and the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center. Dan holds a Top Secret Clearance from the US Government.

He worked for the CIA as a Polygraph Examiner, Special Investigator and Adjudicator. Crum also worked as an Intelligence Analyst for the National Counterterrorism Center, Terrorist Identities Group, where his work was used in support of written intelligence assessments for the Executive Office, to include the President in the War on Terror. He is the founder of Dan Crum International and has been coaching and consulting individuals and businesses since 2001.

Today Crum works as a US Government contractor where he develops customized solutions for the US Intelligence Community to better perform their worldwide operations. He has spent his career focused on understanding human psychology to include working with well-known experts and authors, Tony Robbins (Awaken the Giant Within) and John Assaraf (The Secret).

Dan Crum is a frequent guest speaker on the topic of Detecting Deception, appearing in front of many national organizations including the American Polygraph Association and various Crisis Negotiation Groups and State Polygraph Associations.

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  • Posted by Noneya Bidniz on Sep 19th 2019


    Is He Lying to You?

    Good ideas, strange way to convey them to a female audience. I respect that the author is a former CIA polygraph examiner, but also question the way he words and presents the ideas and procedures. Good book if we, as women, ignore the air of mansplaining that tends to linger throughout - especially the first few chapters.