Cheaters: Signs Mates are Cheating and How to Catch Them

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Cheaters: 180 Telltale Signs Mates are Cheating and How to Catch Them

An invaluable tool for anyone who's had that sinking feeling that his or her mate is being unfaithful, Cheaters will help you find out the truth.

by Raymond B. Green

You've watched it in soap operas, seen it in movies, read about it in magazines and heard the gossip, but we'd all like to believe infidelity is someone else's tragic story. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens to you. If you're married or in a new or old relationship and you're worried about your partner's unfaithfulness, Cheaters will open your eyes to something that happens more frequently than people want to believe.

Based on years of research, countless hours of surveillance and interviews with clients, international private investigator and former police officer Raymond B. Green has compiled this provocative, pragmatic guidebook to help suspecting partners uncover what their mates are doing when they're not around. Green's comprehensive manual provides readers with information on the hidden signs of cheating, emotional clues, physical evidence and where to purchase surveillance equipment and how to use it. This informative book also offers important tips on catching and confronting your cheating mate,with the incriminating evidence, as well as reveals how and why affairs happen and how to prevent them.

Cheaters is a valuable tool for anyone who's had that gut feeling his or her mate or spouse is being unfaithful -- and wants to know the real, uncensored truth.

About the Author

Raymond B. Green, a former police officer with years of investigative policing experience is now a bonded, licensed private investigator and owner of his own investigation company, Brelen Investigations, Inc. and the vice-chairman of the Private Investigator's sub-committee for the New Brunswick Securities Association.

Marcella Bakur-Weiner is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and an Adjunct Professor at Marymount Manhattan College. She is a psychotherapist who lives in works in New York City.

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  • Posted by Donata Silver on Sep 19th 2019


    Caught him cheating thanks to this book

    Just want to send a special "thank you" to Mr. Green and ProofPronto for this book. Caught him in the act, have the proof, and will proceed with healing and moving on accordingly.