Private Investigators

A Private Investigator ("PI", "private eye", "private detective") can be hired by individuals or groups to provide investigatory services. Private investigators often work with attorneys in civil, criminal and other legal cases, and are commonly utilized in martial divorce, process serving, and intellectual property matters.

Modern Private Investigators typically utilize a wide range of investigative tools, and often carry hidden cameras and audio recorders to document their investigations. Investigations can take anywhere from days to years, and due to the often dangerous nature of the job, PI's real identities are often kept secret throughout their careers.

Forensic Gadgets You Can Use on Your Own or Private Investigation

Once relegated only to the world of professional private investigators and law enforcement, new technology is allowing everyone to use forensic science to investigate. Whether you suspect an unfaithful spouse or a dishonest business partner, these gadgets can help you collect the information you need – in a very unobtrusive way.

Paraben’s Fact Finder Stick: A powerful tool that allows you to, among other things, recover files that have been deleted from phones or computers. It’s a must-have device if you start to see early signs of cheating and can be crucial during divorce litigations and business lawsuits.

Pornography Detection Stick: Also made by Paraben, this tool allows you to detect when pornographic content is being viewed. It’s widely used by parents, spouses, employers, schools, and libraries that provide computer access.

Chat Recovery Stick: Used by law enforcement for many years, you can now utilize the same technology to recover deleted chats and messages from any computer. This tool is often used by parents who want to monitor their children, employers keeping an eye on their employees, and significant others who want to be sure their partner is staying faithful.

No need to guess or wonder anymore! These state-of-the-art spy devices make it easy to know in an instant - and in a very inconspicuous way - if your worst fears are true, or if they were nothing more than a misunderstanding.