Camera & Bug Finder Detector

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The Camera Detector Finds Hidden Cameras, Spy Bugs & more

Our Hidden Camera Detector and Finder lets you quickly scan a room for hidden audio, video, cell phone or GPS transmitters, as well as hidden cameras that are wired, wireless, on, off, dead or alive. The view finder on the unit finds any camera lens no matter what type of camera it is. With advanced settings and a rugged enclosure for repeated professional use, this new detector offers the power of professional sweep gear in a highly portable and light-weight size.

Camera & Bug Finder Features
  • Finds Hidden Cameras Quickly & Easily
  • Finds both wired & wireless cameras
  • Finds cameras regardless if they're on or off
  • Also Detects Transmitting Cell Phones and GPS Trackers
  • Detects Digital And WiFi Signals
  • Silent Pocket Vibration Mode
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • RF Signal Strength Meter
  • Small and Lightweight

How to Find Hidden Cameras

By using the view finder built into the Hidden Camera Finder, you can quickly scan and instantly detect hidden spy cameras. it doesn't matter if the hidden spy camera is on or off, dead or alive, wired or wireless. The view finder instantly detects any hidden camera lens and displays the hidden camera through the view finders.

Silent Pocket Vibration Mode

Place the Camera Finder in your pocket and when it detects digital signals, it will alert you by silently vibrating. Know instantly when hidden transmitter sends a signal.


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1 Year Warranty

2 Reviews

  • Posted by DG on Aug 19th 2019


    Hidden Camera Finder

    Used the Camera Detector and found a hidden camera in an air bnb that we rented in Spain. My husband got it on video and we sent it to air bnb, who refunded our stay and promises that they have kicked the owner off the site. We've checked 3 or 4 times and don't see him renting anymore. THANK YOU FOR THIS FINDER!!!!

  • Posted by Daria H******** on Oct 18th 2018


    Best camera finder for Air BnBs!

    My husband and I travel a lot and usually stay in Air BnB's and have been checking for cameras with the ProofPronto Hidden Camera Finder. It's super easy to use, fast, small and lightweight. We haven't found any hidden cameras yet, but that's not going to deter us for checking, always.