CounterTek Protect 1207i Multi-Frequency Analyzer

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The CounterTeK Protect 1207i helps protect provides the ability to detect most intrusion and spying methods quickly and easily.Law Enforcement Grade Counter-Surveillance Device

  • Law Enforcement Grade Counter-Surveillance Tool

  • 6 Channels of Detection for Different Protocols

  • 6 Bar Graphs with 10-Segments each for Precision Location of Devices

  • Detects Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals as well

  • Scans and Detects all 3 Wireless Frequences

  • Detects GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi and Wireless Audio Devices

  • Detection Range is 30ft

  • Microprocessor Controlled

  • Built in the United States

  • Includes One Year Warranty

The Protect 1207i can be used by engineers, counter-surveillance specialists or novice users as a reliable tool for tracing different digital transmissions such as GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more. New methods of bugging and surveillance have left older detection devices useless, and the Protect 1207i handles a multitude of new frequencies all in one easy to use product.

The sensitivity of a common RF detector is spread along a wide frequency range, usually 3 or 6-7 GHz. A "classic" RF detector cannot detect weak or non-continuous signals (like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max) and signals like GSM and CDMA are even more difficult for the classic detector to find. The Protect 1207i exclusively uses pre-selector chips (saw filters) which attenuate all other signals except the desired ones. The Protect 1207i has 6 separate detection channels and can simultaneously detect 6 different kinds of transmissions at a distance much greater than any common RF detector. 


  • Portable device for the inspection and location of wireless sources
  • Detection of GSM/CDMA/3G
  • Detection of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Wi-Max
  • Can be used for tracing both regular sources and illegal eavesdropping devices
  • 6 bar graphs with 10-segments each, for accurate location of RF sources
  • 4 modes: Silent, Vibration, Visual and Listen
  • 2 levels of sensitivity (attenuation)
  • Extra display shows which signal type has been detected
  • Durable metallic body
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Setup mode with selection the threshold level for vibration

Detect the following kinds of bugging devices

  • GSM baby-monitors/GSM alarm/GSM bugs
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G video cameras
  • GSM Spy phones
  • GPS Trackers
  • Bluetooth bugging devices
  • Spy phones with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi/Wi-Max bugging devices
  • Wireless videocameras 2.4 Ghz
  • Detection range is 30 feet


  • 2 Antennas
  • 2 Batteries size AAA
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Detector
  • Manual
  • Screw driver

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