Security Camera USB Car Charger - HD

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Our Hidden Camera Car Charger records clear HD 1080P video inside a vehicle, even at night.

The front of the camera rotates for optimal positioning, and is a-fully functional USB charger.

  • HD 1080p camera and recorder concealed in an ordinary USB car charger
  • Records HD video to a hidden Micro-SD card
  • Adjust the camera lens direction by adjusting the base of the DVR
  • The power button, USB port and memory card slot are hidden with easy, covert access 
  • Functional charger - charge up to two devices at the same time 
  • Records automatically when you start the car.
  • Once the vehicle is turned off, the recording stops and the videos are automatically saved
  • Powered from the car cigarette lighter socket
  • Compact design
  • Supports up to 32 GB SD cards (16GB included)

The hidden camera car charger records automatically when you start the engine. When you turn off the car, it automatically saves the video files to the SD card. The hidden camera car charger is powered directly from the lighter plug, and also has a built-in 130 mAh polymer battery which allows the unit to record 20 minutes after the car engine is stopped.

The camera lens is adjustable and can be rotated or tilted in the desired direction. In addition, the power button, USB port and memory card slot are hidden behind a rotating cover.

There are three ways to switch off the device. Video recordings are stored automatically in all 3 cases:

  1. When the vehicle engine is switched off
  2. Unplug the Hidden Camera Car Charger from the power outlet 
  3. Hold the power button 

 When the recording is switched off, the unit remains in stand-by mode for 3 minutes before it turns itself off. 

Extra Information

HD 1080p
Automatic Recording:
Adjustable Angle:

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty