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Elder Care


Our elders protected us, now it's our turn to protect them.

Two Devices That Will Help Keep Your Parent Safe in Nursing Homes

It’s not uncommon to hear about the abuse that takes place in nursing homes. But until you have a parent or loved one in someone else’s care, you don’t always pay too much attention to these stories. The moment you do, however, you need to start taking action to prevent anything from happening.

While many facilities provide exceptional care, there is always a chance for something to happen. Rather than worrying or having to take someone’s word for it, why not take control of the situation yourself?

Even if you don’t live in the same city as the nursing home facility, these two devices can help ensure that your loved one is being cared for properly.

  • Hidden Cameras: Hidden cameras can look just like an object in the room, like a clock, a book, or even a box of tissues. Placing one of these in a nursing home room can give you eyes so you can be sure that no abuse or mistreatment is taking place.

  • Listening Devices: While a hidden camera can be your eyes, a listening device can be your ears. Listening devices are often used, where legal, to alert family or authorities conducting official investigations to mistreatment. It's important to check the laws in your state to make sure that you conduct your audio investigation within the law.

Placing a loved one in a care facility is a difficult decision for anyone - having to worry about their well-being is even more difficult. Take some of the worry away by employing smart devices that can help you know if and when you need to be concerned.