FSC-1000 Automatic Phone Call Recording System

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The FSC-1000 Automatic Phone Recorder allows easy recording of some or all calls from any analog, digital or VOIP line, and stores the recordings along with the Caller ID data on an SD memory card (included).

Easily record every telephone call made & received. Recording starts when you pick up the handset and ends when you hang up the phone and the recording is saved. You can play back and hear the recording file immediately on the internal speaker or via the included earphones. The LED light illuminates to let you know you're recording. Choose manual recording mode and record conversations you choose based on the situation.

Compatible with VOIP, Digital & Analog Phones

The FSC-1000 by Forus is compatible with both analog and digital phone systems. For use with a digital phone system, simply use the included hook switch for recording or manual mode.

Caller ID

If you have caller ID service, you can see the caller information such as phone number, caller's name or trade name, etc.

Convenient File Search

Every recording file automatically contains call start time in year, month, date, hour, minute or second, caller's phone number and caller's name. The Forus FSC-1000 makes it easy to search for a call that you need down the road.

Record Calls From Your Mobile Phone

In addition to recording your calls from your land line, the included microphone ear piece makes it easy to record calls from your cellular phone too.

Powerful Desktop Conference Recorder

The FSC-1000 does more than just record calls - with its included omni-directional microphone you can easily record conversations within 15' of the recorder. Use it to record conversations with visitors, meetings, conferences and more without buying an external recorder.

Convenient Data Management

Easily transfer conversation recordings via SD Card for replay or backup. With the included 2 GB SD Card, you can record up to 47 hours and a maximum of 2000 recordings. Easily offload the files with the included SD card reader.

Easily check remaining recording time

Simply press the playback button during recording to view remaining recording time before needing to offload or delete files.

  • FSC-1000 Call Recorder
  • Earphones
  • Ear piece microphone
  • 3.5 to 2.5 mm adapter
  • Hook switch
  • 2 GB SD Card
  • AC Adapter
  • Phone cable
  • Handset cable

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