Security Camera DVR Mini

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LawMate PV50HD

The LawMate PV50HD DVR with Integrated HD Camera Records Covert, High-Def Video With the Push of a Button

  • DVR with HD Camera Built-in
  • Only 2 ¾ inches by 1 ½ inches and only ½ thick
  • Professional Law-Enforcement Grade
  • Micro SD card can hold up to 16 GB of video!
  • 5V Input to be used with external cameras

The LawMate PV50HD records HD quality covert video, up to 20 hours worth on a 16 GB SD card, with the push of a single button. Featuring an internal HD color camera, the PV50HD works well whether being worn discretely or being placed in a stationary position.

This extremely small and light weight recorder will become your covert video recording workhorse. You will hardly remember you are wearing a recorder and the people you are recording will never realize you are doing so! Noiseless, extremely small, and very easy to use, the PV50HD will become the recorder you rely on most for all of your covert operations.

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