REI Dual Channel Acoustic Noise Generator

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Protect Conversations from Recording and Espionage

The ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator creates a perimeter of noise that defeats acoustic leakage eavesdropping devices including wired microphones inside walls, contact microphones, audio transmitters located in AC outlets, and laser/microwave reflections from windows.

Efficiency: offers two channels, each with high and low frequency control to compensate for material composition, with truly random noise sources

Usability: masking system injects noise into the environment perimeter and not directly into the environment—allowing normal conversation while defeating eavesdropping devices

Portability: optional accessories (transducer, omnidirectional speaker, window mounts) can be purchased to tailor the ANG-2200 to the environment of concern

Noise Generator Features:
Two separate channels
Truly random noise sources
High and low frequency controls
Overload protection

Noise Generator Applications:
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
Counter Surveillance
Audio Masking
Noise Generation
Eavesdropping Prevention
Intelligence Protection
Executive Protection

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