Phone Detector with Audio Masking

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Protect important phone call conversations with the NG2000 Eavesdropping Deterrent Device.

If you are concerned about corporate eavesdropping on business conversations via cell phone, then the NG2000 could be your new best friend. It can detect activation of a mobile phone and will create interference (white noise) when radio-waves are detected – rendering the telephone useless. This is a must have for eavesdropping control.
  • Warns you with the help of the 3 LEDs and a sound alarm when the telephone starts exchanging data with the network
  •  Automatic generation of audio interference (white noise)
  •  Accurate and sensitive detection of GSM 900/1800, CDMA850, WCDMA2100 (3G, UMTS) by Bluetooth intelligent algorithm of the microcontroller
  •  Separate visual and sound indication of different communication protocols
  •  Protable design 
  •  High  sensitivity for detection with pre-selectors provides a better detection distance
  •  Long battery resource of up to 5 days (low current consumption)
  •  Does not block the mobile network in the area
  • 1 9V Battery
  • Generator
  • Leather Case
  • Manual

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