Phone and GPS Signal Detector

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Find bugs, mobile phones and GPS trackers quickly and easily with the DD3200.

In today's technical world, we have the ability to easily stay connected to work, family and friends. But, at the same time, someone could be illegally stealing your private communications without your knowledge. Audio, video and still photos can be instantly transmitted by advanced cell phone technology.

The Cell Phone & GPS Detector is perfect for detecting concealed/transmitting cellular devices immediately in GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA transmission ranges. With the Cell Phone & GPS Detector, you will be able to discover the presence of regular and/or concealed cell phones or transmitting GPS devices.

Cell phones are constantly being used to illegally record conversations. Once the conversation is recorded without your knowledge, many times the audio and/or video is sent to third party locations.

Once the device detects a mobile phone or GPS transmitter that is in use, this pocket-sized unit will silently vibrate to alert you. The Cell Phone Detector is legal to own since it does not modify the signal it uses to detect illegal activity.

  • Prisons and Correction Facilities
  • Public Safety
  • Universities & Schools
  • Corporate Board & Conference Rooms
  • Military Bases
  • Concert & Performance Halls
  • Places of Worship
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • Research Centers
  • Recording Studios
  • Libraries
  • Theaters and Cinemas
  • Gas Stations
  • Power Plants
  • Aircraft
  • Anywhere classified or protected information is being discussed or displayed

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