The Best of Cheaters, Volume 2 - Too Hot for TV

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The Best of Cheaters, Volume 2 - Too Hot for TV, 4 DVD Box Set

Tommy Habeeb

A client suspects his or her significant other is cheating and calls on Cheaters TV Show for help. The Cheaters private investigators, along with a camera crew, look into the matter, follow the significant other as he or she shares time with a third party in cars, bars, hotels, and record the rendezvous on tape. When the host, Joey Greco, shows the client the footage, a close up captures the client's horror. Then comes a confrontation and an unpredictable car wreck of emotion that keeps viewers tuned in until the always bitter end.

Cheaters is a guilty pleasure and viewers love this show, says the Executive Producer of Cheaters, Bobby Goldstein. That's why we've put together the most scandalous, non stop, jaw dropping footage and made it available on DVD. We don t discriminate when it comes to couples caught in their home, at a cheap motel, in a dark alley, or in the backseats of their cars, Goldstein points out. The cameras just keep rolling through the incredible pain, grief, anger, confusion and aggression. And on some occasions, we've had to continue filming while the cheating couple continues their bedroom shenanigans.

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