The Best of Cheaters, Volume 1 - Uncensored, 4 DVD Box Set

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The Best of Cheaters, Volume 1

Uncensored,  4 DVD Box Set

Jack E. Jett, Robert Magruder, Patrick Sellars

William Shakespeare couldn't come up with the kind of characters that Tommy Grand and his merry band of investigators encounter on Cheaters, and Quench's Best of Season One delivers the goods that Cheaters' junkies crave. To start with, Cheaters has never looked better than it does here. Video and audio quality are top notch in this digital transfer. The DVD trumps the show with truly gross uncensored footage of the liaisons; some viewers might appreciate the risque footage, but those who watch the show for a laugh will cringe and reach for the fast forward button.

Brief bonus footage of Tommy Habib trying out his wacky Tommy Grand character is an absolute riot. But the real stunner here is episode one's Allen and Lon confrontation: ten minutes of pure bliss as Lon rages around with wimpy rage, his cheating girlfriend jumps onto the hood of her own car and screams into the night that she'll "be coming over later," and "wounded heart" Allen matches Tommy for goofy quips and hammy charisma. Taking a favorite adjective from Tommy Grand, Cheaters: The Best of Season One isn't ridiculous in the slightest. It's a work of genius that sparkles on DVD, even if a quick trigger finger is necessary for dignity's sake.

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