4-Week Magnetic GPS Tracker - No Fees

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  • GPS Logger with no monthly fees
  • No activation required
  • Waterproof
  • High-strength magnet, built in
  • 4+ week battery (USB rechargeable)
  • Second-by-second location recording
  • Tracking information includes: routes traveled, speed, direction, active driving time and duration of stops.

The GP-9 GPS Tracker records second-by-second location data, which can be accessed by plugging the device directly into the USB port of any Mac or Windows computer. The location information can then be viewed as a simple activity report, viewed using historical motion playback, or displayed over a satellite image with Google Earth.

The GP-9 GPS Tracker is powered by a 4+ week rechargeable battery, is completely waterproof, and features a built-in high-strength magnet which allows for secure mounting inside, outside or underneath the vehicle.

The GP-9 is a passive device that records the everywhere it's been, speed, driving time, duration or stops and more. No monthly subscription required. Works globally.

No-Fee GPS Tracking Software Included

historical playback

GPS History Motion Playback

trips and mileage

Trips & Mileage Reporting


Position & Address Log

See historical location within 2 meters of accuracy.     


See trips, start/stop/drive times, mileage & speed.    



See position and speed on a second-by-second basis.    


GPS Tracker Uses

  • Parents: Monitor your teen for responsible driving
  • Spouses: Confirm suspicious behavior and view past driving routes
  • Business owners: Track the locations of employees and fleet vehicles
  • Private Investigators & Law Enforcement: Log the travel of suspects and parolees


Extra Information

Tracker type:
Battery life:
4+ weeks

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty