E3 DS Mobile Evidence Examination Software

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Developed by Paraben Corporation, the E3:DS (digital software) suite offers a simple, well-thought out and well-executed mobile device forensics tool.

E3:DS offers a comprehensive approach for mobile device forensics in a single tool that is capable of logical and physical imaging, data carving, app data parsing, password bypass, unique content analysis and more.

E3:DS is an advanced mobile forensic extraction and analysis system with over 15 years of development supporting logical extractions, physical extractions, password bypassing, & file system extraction of thousands of devices. Paraben’s DS has been a standard in mobile forensics since 2001 and continues to rank as a must-have tool.

In SC Magazine annual review of tools, the independent reviewers stated:

“For a simple, well thought-out and executed mobile device forensics tool this one is at the top of the heap. Its capabilities are narrow and very deep. It does one thing – mobile device forensics – and it does that extremely well. We make the Paraben DS our Best Buy.”

  • E3:DS is top-notch with a lot of options for any size lab
  • E3:DS supports 100% of the smartphone operating systems available today
  • E3:DS is the comprehensive approach to mobile forensics in a single tool
  • E3:DS is capable of logical and physical imaging, data carving, app data parsing, password bypass, and unique content analysis with malware detection, and more
  • E3:DS is ranked at the SCMag Best Buy option as a must-have for any lab


IoT Data is an emerging issue that is facing digital forensic examiners. Being able to find this data and analyze what you need is critical for such time sensitive information. Paraben’s E3 Platform supports the largest variety of this data from smartwatches, drones fitness bands, gaming systems, and Amazon Echo devices.


E3:DS supports a larger variety of device types than any other tool, with over 27,000+ device profiles supported and the list constantly growing. E3:DS is a foundation tool.


With locked devices becoming more and more prevalent, Paraben responded by incorporating a new custom bootloader for Samsung devices as one of the new functions of E3:DS.


E3:DS supports ALL smartphone operating systems. Paraben does our own research that leads to stronger OS support and a deeper understanding of how each OS works when it comes to data recovery. We also have full JTAG capabilities built into the tool for pesky devices that don’t fall in the typical spectrum of processing.


App data changes constantly and understanding what is trending and changing can be crucial to your tool having the stamina to get what you need. E3:DS provides active parsing for some of the most popular Apps and for the others, we show you all the data and provide a built-in SQLite viewer to review the data.


Mobiles are moving data dynamically to the cloud and knowing your go-to tool can capture that data is crucial. E3:DS has built-in cloud capture functionality to download data directly from your suspect’s accounts.


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Support for Twitter Cloud Data
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Automated Evidence Archive Functionality
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Support for new Encrypted iOS backup files 
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New Exploits for Password Bypass Options for Smartphones
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Fitbit data parsing for fitness band information synchronized to smartphone


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