Paraben's SIM Card Seizure

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Recover Data from Phone SIM Cards

SIM Card Seizure is an easy-to-use device that recovers both deleted and current private text messages as well as other confidential information held on cell phones, including a list of the calls placed and received. The data is easily accessed by reviewing reports generated from the product's intuitive software. SIM Seizure's reports can be relied up as valuable evidence in a court of law if necessary. SIM Card Seizure™ can also be used as a reliable back-up tool in case you accidentally delete that important message or new contact.

  • View deleted and undeleted text (SMS) messages from SIM cards
  • View last numbers received and dialed
  • True forensic reservation of data with hash value verification
  • Reporting options for presentation in court
  • Can be used as a contact backup tool
Recovers the following data from legacy cards and devices
  • SMS Text Messages
  • SMSP Text Message parameters
  • SMSS Text message status
  • LND Last Dialed numbers
  • EXT1 Dialing Extension
  • EXT2 Dialing Extension
  • MSISDN Subscriber phone number
  • AND Short Dial Number
  • FDN Fixed Numbers
  • ICCID Serial Number
  • LP Preferred languages variable
  • SPN Service Provider name 


  • SIM card
  • Windows PC (not currently Mac compatible)
Is technical support included?

Yes, free technical support by phone or email is provided from our team of forensic experts.

How Far Back Can Deleted SMS Message Recovery Go?

There is no specific time limit on how far back SIM Card Seizure will recover messages. It primarily rests upon whether a deleted message has been overwritten by new information. Most SIM cards have between 64k and 128k of storage space. When a message is deleted new messages are written over the space occupied by the deleted message. It is not possible to know the length of time any message will remain recoverable from a SIM card.

Is it possible to clear messages or damage the SIM card with SIM Card Seizure?

No. It is not possible to erase messages or make any other change to the contents of a SIM card with SIM Card Seizure.

Which phone models does SIM Card Seizure support?

SIM Card Seizure can read the contents of a GSM SIM card. Before purchasing SIM Card Seizure verify the phone you want to investigate has a SIM card and that the SIM card stores text messages.

How long time does it take?

Reviewing the contents of a SIM card can take approximately 3 to 5 minutes. It is a good idea to take "snapshots" of a card to be investigated at regular intervals.

Can SIM Card Seizure get the PIN or PUK codes?

PIN and PUK codes are not stored on the SIM card. With SIM Card Seizure you can read the data stored on the SIM card without these codes. The PUK code (the master code) cannot be changed and is stored by the service provider.

Can SIM Card Seizure read inactive cards?

Yes, it can read the contents of the card regardless of the phone's subscription status. Phone must be saving desired data to SIM card for data recovery to be possible. SIM Card Seizure will not work with phones that do not use SIM cards.

SIM Card Seizure will recover deleted data as long as the data has not been overwritten by new data. 

This product includes ONE year free software updates and warranty against manufacturing defects. Most newer devices do not save SMS data to a SIM card.

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Teresa Valencia on Oct 22nd 2020


    To check deleted messages!

    To check my husband cheating!

  • Posted by William on Jun 19th 2018


    Got back old text messages

    Got back a bunch of SMS text messages, but they were older than the ones we got back with the Android Stick. Also got back a bunch of contacts and phone numbers (calls).